Episode 17

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26th Jul 2023

17 - Electric Toyota Hilux and Building EV Conversions with Jonny Garcia

Hello, and welcome to The Next Great Car Era, a podcast by EVTUNERS. I’m your host Daniel Martin and today I am sitting down with John Garcia of J5 Design and Fab.  

Jonny has been in the car space for a long time, and is an all around builder, designer, and fabricator! He has worked on offroad race cars, was part of the Electroliner team who broke electric land speed records, and has EV swapped around 10 cars working for EV West and for his personal collection.

Among the topics in our conversation, we chat about his path building cars, take a deep dive into a Toyota Hilux which he Tesla swapped using a BMW I3 battery pack, and discuss what’s on the horizon.

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