Episode 20

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31st Oct 2023

20 - Toyota GR86 Electric Conversion performs like Porsche GT4 - The SCR1 by Scalar Performance

Today I am sitting down with Brian and Joel, two of the founders of Scalar Performance.

After meeting at the track and teaming on some endurance racing, Brian and Joel created Scalar Performance to build a dedicated EV track car for the amateur racer. The performance of an electric powertrain is impressive, and Tesla cars have been breaking lots of records as more and more show up to the track. But at the end of the day, some must-haves for the street are not needed or even get in the way for a dedicated track car.

Enter the Scalar SCR1 which takes the well-loved Toyota GR86 chassis with its robust aftermarket and then swaps in a bespoke EV drivetrain. The result is a car which is almost the same weight as its ICE counterpart but with power and balance similar to a Porsche GT4, a top speed of 146 mph, and is already caged and approved for everything from HPDE to wheel to wheel Super Touring (ST) with the National Auto Sport Association (NASA).

We chat about the idea behind the SCR1, dig into the technical details of the car, and discuss the bright and fast future of racing with electric cars.

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