Episode 21

Published on:

14th Nov 2023

21 - Tesla Owners Silicon Valley: Tesla Owners Club, Tesla Corsa, & Tesla Takeover that's now X Takeover!

Today I am sitting down with John Stringer and Kelvin Gee of Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley (or TOSV for short).

John founded TOSV in 2018, and Kelvin joined soon after as vice president. Fast forward and now they run one of the largest and most active clubs. Tesla Owners clubs are separate entities which are onboarded to Tesla‚Äôs club program, which allow them to use official logos and special Tesla branding and resources. The program has grown to an international scale, and you might even have one in your region! John and Kelvin helped me understand all about the program, how their club grew to one of the largest, and the types of activities they create for you whether you are an owner or just interested. Past events like the Tesla Takeover you might have heard of, or perhaps you follow TOSV on X or listen to their podcast, but did you know they also host meetups, organize charitable events, help new owners learn about their cars, and connect members to shops for the best upgrades? 

In this episode we sit down and talk about the history of TOSV, the Tesla Corsa we all attended at Buttonwillow raceway, the new X Takeover for 2024, and the larger EV culture as seen from these leaders and all around nice guys.

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